Sleep Post

Sleep Post

I am writing this post in hopes of helping other moms. SLEEP with baby’s sometimes feels impossible. There are so many sleep books out there, I read most and now feel like I could write my own (honestly but I don’t have the time) and honestly none worked for me. I tried every method and my son resisted every single one. Or maybe I resisted? Maybe we both did.

Let me lay out our issue. Our son was five months and sleeping swaddled in his swing. He slept pretty well honestly. But he started to roll and my husband and I knew it was time to stop. We tried the Merlin Sleep Sack and it didn’t work for us. We tried unswaddling one arm at a time, it didn’t work for us. Finally my son rolled a bit one night (he sleeps in our room) and I decided then we had to be done.

I bought a Nested Bean sleep sack (little beans that are in a pile on the chest) and a munchkin vibrating wedge for the crib, I rolled a towel up and tied with rubber bands and put under the crib sheet in a U shape. We added ocean noises and classical music, started a bedtime routine, Nurse, Bath, massage with lavendar lotion, into Nested Bean sleep sack (put him down awake) turn on the wedge and leave the room. I do want to note the key to the towel is to not let it go up past your baby’s shoulders, especially if they roll. You cradle their butt in it though (while you transition from the swing) after a week we took the towel away and we kept the wedge but leveled out the crib (I added a pillow under the mattress so he lays flat.

It took us two weeks to break the swing and swaddle habit but now our son sleeps from 630-445 he nursed and goes back down till 7. But I have to say IT WAS A BATTLE! We did our own modified CIO (crying it out). I also had to let my husband do it because I couldn’t. But this is what we did (it worked for us and like I said we tried SO many things). The first night we laid our son down awake (wedge vibrating) and let him cry for five minutes. After five minutes my husband went in and shush patted him, he was really upset so he picked him up and waited till he stopped crying and put him down once he stopped. Then he said goodnight and left the room. Then we let him cry ten minutes. Same thing again, husband went in, shush pat, picked up (if needed) put him down said goodnight and left. Then we waited fifteen minutes, repeated above steps, then twenty minutes, repeated above steps, then half an hour (except he screamed at about ten minutes so we went in because we felt too bad) it took an hour total but he went to bed and slept till 4.

The next night we repeated the above steps and it took half an hour to get him to sleep. Next night less time. And now it takes about five minutes. We also introduced a lovey at six months (our pediatrician okayed it because he can roll etc and its small, I suggest asking yours too) and that helped him immensely. He also now stomach sleeps (starts out on back always and moves himself, pediatrician also said it was ok for him, ask yours about your own baby).

So what were our biggest hurdles? 1) swaddle 2) swing 3) nursing to sleep. So what we did was break all the habits at once. We decided we were going to lose sleep anyways and held tight for the battle. IT WAS HARD. THERE WERE TEARS. But it was so worth it! My biggest advice is don’t start until you are ready! There a lot of products out there to consider but what worked for us was a NESTED BEAN SACK (amazing! And they made a swaddle that I wish I had known about sooner) I ordered mine from Bed Bath and Beyond (Just an FYI and they let me use a 20% off coupon and I got free shipping), I also got the munchkin vibrating wedge from target online but saw that Buy Buy Baby carries it as well (and in store!). I also want to add I still nurse my son at night I just updated the way we do bedtime and he gets fed now before his bath but he still nurses and we cuddle during it (we both enjoy it).

I hope this helps someone else out there, if you have questions please comment and I will reply!